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We offer you a warm and friendly welcome to our home online, and encourage you to explore our pages for some great resources, links and information about Buddhist meditation in Hertfordshire. 

As a team of Buddhists practicing in the Triratna Buddhist Community, we enjoy teaching Buddhism and meditation in Hertfordshire and supporting each other in our spiritual practice. You don't have to be a Buddhist to learn meditation or find out about Buddhism at our drop-in classes or courses, everyone is welcome.

As you use this website you'll find Buddhist terms and Sanskrit words italicised. We are in the process of developing a glossary, so soon you'll be able to click on the words for explanations. Clicking on red words will take you to relevant pages, and hovering over or clicking on images will interact with them, perhaps enlarging them or opening windows. Hope you enjoy your explorations.

Upcoming Events

Whether it's Buddhism, meditation, like-minded company, friendship or interesting discussion that you want, or any possible combination of these, click on the links to see what's on...



We regularly bring you a different podcast selected from

This podcast is a talk on 'gain and loss' by Vajrapriya.

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