Going Deeper

Tea in the yurt
Triratna's 50th
Viryajoti and friends in the yurt
Viryajoti's visit 2017
Mitra ceremony.
Taradasa's visit 2016
Suvarnagarbha's visit 2015
Practicing together in the woods
Suvarnagarbha's visit 2017
With Padmajata in Cambridge
Here you can explore posters for all the previous Going Deeper events. Click on a thumbnail to see it in the image viewer. Then click on the image to enlarge it.
Puja - Mangala
Sangha Going Deeper
Going Deeper - Mangala
The Dhammapada
Mindfulness Relaxation
Earth Whisperer - Jo Goldsmid
White Lotus Sutra - Suvarnagarbha
The Heart Sutra - Nandaketu
Dharma life - Arthasiddhi
Kalyana Mitrata - Viryajoti
The three refuges - Padmajata
Bodhisattva Ideal - Taradasa
The meaning of conversion PDF
The five Buddhas - Padmajata
Kisa Gotami Sutta
Hakuin - Suvarnagarbha
Going Deeper in 2016
Body Dharma - Advayamati
Earth Whisperer
Five Skandhas - Jnanaruchi
Pali Canon Study - Dhivan
The wings of awakening - Leah
Loving Kindness and the Pali suttas PNG.
Enjoying Spiritual Life Sanghaketu
GD Harmonising silence and sound
Building the Buddhaland -Mangala PNG
Metta - Amritavani
Hertford Sangha Retreat 2018 PNG
Buddhism & the arts Sanghaketu
Hertford Sangha's 10th Birthday
Going Deeper - Virya  PNG
Sangha Yatra
Practicing together in the woods